#GivingTuesday: This Year, Change a Sierra Leone Girl’s World

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With education, the world opens for a Sierra Leone girl.

You can give the most rural girl from a family living on less than $2 a day the gift of education – and change her world.

She’ll marry later and avoid early pregnancy.  When ready, she’ll have fewer, healthier children and send them to school with the higher earning power her education brings.  She may start a business or become a community leader – or go on to lead her country. The circle of positive impact from education only keeps growing. 

It can start with only $30 for a secondary school scholarship that helps a girl complete high school.

$50 pays a local teacher’s monthly stipend for teaching after-school classes that prepare 9th and 12th graders for their national exams – the entry to senior high and higher education.

$100 pays annual tuition for a student to attend vocational school and advance to a wage-paying job.

$375 pays annual tuition for a college scholarship at the University of Sierra Leone.

This Giving Tuesday, change a Sierra Leone girl’s life. Give her the gift of education.  And you’ll feel great!

#GivingTuesday: Plant a Tree That Will Educate Sierra Leone Girls. Make it a gift.

#GivingTuesday: Plant a Tree That Will Educate Sierra Leone Girls. Make it a gift.

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On Giving Tuesday when you plant a tree, you’ll educate Sierra Leone girls. You’ll protect the planet, too.

Where else will $35 do as much on #GivingTuesday2018?

You can make your holiday gifts more memorable this year. Give a living tree, an investment in Bumpeh Chiefdom and its girls.

Skip the mall and online sweater orders. Give someone the gift of a tree in their name. You’ll be giving them the experience of changing another person’s life. The tree’s fruit income will fund girls education for many years to come.

It will provide scholarships for girls to go to secondary school. It will fund important extra programs not found in rural schools, like computer training. And special after-school classes helping girls prepare for the senior high entrance exam.

It will pay for some the chiefdom’s very first female high school graduates to continue on to college!

A tree will fund classes for young women dropouts to catch up and return to school, or move on to vocational training. Other women learn to read and write for the first time.

Choose how your gift will change someone’s life: Gift Suggestions

Added bonus: trees help combat climate change. Tropical trees mature quickly absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. They prevent erosion and protect drinking water sources, too.

Now that a holiday gift that’s meaningful and memorable. 

Yet another bonus: a Rotary Club grant will match your gift by 50%. $35 becomes $52.50! $50 becomes $75.  $100 becomes $150.

On Giving Tuesday, give a tree and send Sierra Leone girls and young women to school and to brighter futures. Donate and give gifts here.   

Read more about the Rotary Club partnership to plant new fruit tree orchards for education and everything your gift will do.

Make this Giving Tuesday special – give a tree that will keep on giving.

Thank you!

P. S. One more way you can help. Pass this on to a friend.

Giving Tues – Put a Woman on Path to Self Sufficiency

Giving Tues – Put a Woman on Path to Self Sufficiency

givingtuesday-16Give for Good
Nov. 29
We’ll double your gift =
Twice the Good!



Read more about the Women’s Vegetable Growing Project.

We ran out of funding for more women. Any donation welcome!

Give HERE   Thank You!


Why I Give to Sherbro Foundation

GT_SunglassesMy #Unselfie for Giving Tuesday
Why do I give to Sherbro Foundation Sierra Leone?

I want the girls and women of Sierra Leone to have the same opportunities for education I had.  With education, they’ll lead their community and country to prosperity.

I had help along the way. They deserve no less than I had. With that help, they’ll do as much as the women in the US have done. I’m sure of that.

Students have their first computer lesson.

Students have their first computer lesson.

Top on my helping hand list to Sierra Leone is computer literacy and IT skills.  With those skills, the girls and women of Sierra Leone will lead their country into a 21st Century economy, build a middle class and a bridge to stability.

That’s how Sherbro Foundation started. It was my desire to give girls in the rural community of Bumpeh Chiefdom a first class secondary school education – and cap it off with computer literacy.

We’re ready to get back to both of these – as soon as we can get through this Ebola thing. Teachers are anxious to get back to teaching. We’re starting to rebuild our girls scholarship fund after diverting money for community Ebola response.

The community computer center has been built with 50 computers waiting for students. It will have its grand opening when the schools reopen. (For now, Ebola dictates no public gatherings.) Next step is raising the balance of funds needed for a solar energy system. With solar, we can run into the evening, doubling the classes and offer adult literacy night school.

So, stay tuned for 2015. It looks to be a promising year.

Join us to kick-start the new year. Do some good.  You’ll feel very good.


Arlene Golembiewski
Founder & Executive Director, Sherbro Foundation Sierra Leone

Do Good. Feel Good. #GivingTuesday – Dec 2


GT_Phone_2014Do Good. 
Feel Good.

Send help to
Sierra Leone
battling Ebola.

On Tuesday, December 2 people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and to give.  #GivingTuesday

Help Bumpeh Chiefdom in Sierra Leone emerge from the Ebola crisis and build a better future.

Here’s why I give to Sherbro Foundation and what I want to see in their future.

Share the reason for the season.  Even small gifts make a BIG difference.

$25 pays for:

  •  A week’s food & transportation for a chiefdom Ebola Team Volunteer    
  •  Part of a solar panel bringing power to the Community Computer Center
  •  One girl’s scholarship to attend Jr High School for an entire year   

 It’s easy to Give.  


logo-segoe printDOUBLE your money now  –  1:1 matching!
Help Sierra Leone more.  Pass this on to a friend.





What are You Grateful for? #GivingTuesday

“Around the world, #GivingTuesday is a grassroots movement that illustrates the impact we can have when we all pull together.”
President Obama


Through millions of online clicks and offline acts, we expect #GivingTuesday will take many forms, but all will be energized by a common impulse to make life better, especially for those in need.


Primary school in Moyeamoh.  All but one of this sixth grade class are girls.What are you grateful for?  Reflect. 
Then give back.


#GivingTuesday – Dec 2

After All the Eating and Shopping ….It’s Time to Give Back



logo-segoe printGive to help Sierra Leone emerge from the Ebola Crisis and build a brighter future.


Your donation is now DOUBLED with 1:1 matching.

Help Sierra Leone more. Pass this on to a friend.