Gift Suggestions

Give a gift or memorial that changes someone’s life

You can give a gift that’s memorable. Instead of the usual birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or holiday gift, why not give someone the experience of making a real difference in another person’s life for years to come. Gift donations start at $10.  We have gratefully accepted memorials to honor a loved one’s memory.

Click the DONATE button at the top right.  Under Purpose, put your gift choice and add the name & email of the person receiving the gift.  We’ll send them a gift notice letting them know it’s from you.  For example: “Buy Trees  Jane Doe”

A small donation goes a long way in rural Sierra Leone:   view all projects

Help parents save for their child’s secondary education right after birth.  $20 buys:
*   Three fruit trees to raise for income
*   A bank account with paid minimum balance
*   Birth registration and a birth certificate

Sponsor a girl for an entire year of school with a scholarship
$30 for Secondary School fees
*   $30 for a school uniform she’ll wear for two years

Sponsor a farmer to grow vegetables – fast growing cash crops get them back on their feet
$50 buys seed & fertilizer for a half acre vegetable garden + a bag of rice to feed families now

Help start up our Community Computer  Center – and add on a solar power system
Computer and Adult Literacy classes will expand into evening hours when they have reliable power and can keep computers charged.
*   $10    Recharge 20 computers for three hours of computer classes (remote phone charging station)
*   $25    Antivirus software updates
*   $50    Computer classroom table and chair
*   $100  Four locally made 6 foot conference tables
*   $100  Printer ink cartridge for printing service that generates income to offer free computer literacy classes
*   $350  Solar Panel for a solar power system  (1 of 15 needed)
*   $600  buys a solar storage battery (1 of 12 needed)

Raise trees for village Community Orchards
In 4-5 years, fruit from these trees will yield thousands of dollars in income for a village to build schools, health clinics, dig wells, provide microfinance loans at little or no interest, etc. The trees will continue to bear fruit and provide income for community development for years to come.  Five village orchards planted with 600-800 trees each. Two nurseries are now growing 40,000 trees to plant in 2016.
*   $10 buys 50 Citrus and guava seedlings
*   $20 buys 20 Coconut seedlings
*   $40 pays a worker for a month to water and care for seedlings in a tree nursery, prior to village planting.

Help Adults learn to read, write and build their small businesses
$20 buys exercise books and pens for 5 adults to attend Functional Adult Literacy Classes where they’re learning to write their names and to read for the first time.  Other adults who dropped out of school because of poverty or the war are in classes to help them complete secondary school.  All adults learn skills to help develop their small businesses as farmers and traders.

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