Gift Suggestions

Give a gift or memorial  – change someone’s life

Give a gift that’s memorable. Instead of the usual birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or holiday gift, why not honor someone with the gift of changing another person’s life for years to come. We gratefully accept memorials to honor a loved one’s memory.

Use the DONATE button, top right. On mobiles, scroll down. Put your gift choice from below in the special instructions with the name & address (or email address) of the person receiving the gift.  We’ll send a gift acknowledgement describing the impact their gift makes.  For example: #1 Jane Doe, 311 Main St, Anywhere, OH 45111. For multiple gifts, send all giftee info to

A small donation goes a long way in rural Sierra Leone

#1   $30  Send a girl to secondary school – and keep her there every day of the month.
*  Scholarship package includes:
–  A school uniform
–  Notebooks for note taking (schools have no textbooks)
–  A menstrual hygiene kit with washable shields and pads reuseable for 2-3 years.

#2  $50  —  Computer skills for the 21st century

*  Give students their first computer training and help them develop wage-paying job skills for the 21st century. Pay for training manuals for 20 students.

#3  $75  —  Growing self-reliance for women farmers
With seed and a large drying tarp, a woman farmer grows peanuts as a cash crop that doubles her income. We add a 100 lb. bag of rice to feed her family before her harvest.

#4  $100  — Boost past barriers to graduation
*  Help students pass their senior high entrance exams. Pay a teacher’s wages for a month of after-school classes that prepare 75 girls to advance to senior high school.

#5  $250  — Continue on to a career
*  Provide vocational training support and a young woman can continue on to a career like community health nursing or teaching. Armed with skills, she’ll land a reliable job with regular income.





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