About Us


Our Mission:  Empower education & development in rural Sierra Leone.

How we operate –  and why we are different:

 Fight extreme poverty – Our programs benefit the poorest people living on $1 a day.

 Work as partners – We directly empower rural communities to meet needs they identify.

 Effective – Strong local ownership delivers program results quickly and with passion.  We respond  quickly to changing conditions.

 Sustainable – We choose practical projects, simple to locally implement and sustain without new bureaucracy.

 Leverage money – We seed new ideas that deliver results and attract new sources of support.

 Efficient – 100% of donations go to programs.  Really.   Our small administrative costs are paid by a separate donation.

 We promote education

We are committed to helping the people of Sierra Leone develop education in rural communities after their 11-year civil war.  We focus on sending girls to secondary education and helping adults achieve literacy. We are introducing computer literacy to foster job skill and business development, and to promote new sources of information access for the whole community.

 We enable local development

In an area still dominated by subsistence agriculture, we provide seed money to help rural people turn agriculture projects and other economic opportunities into thriving small businesses that become self sufficient and create sustainable local jobs.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thanks Arlene, I love the the effort you spearheaded long long back as a pc volunteer in Sierra Leone only to come back later to re-ignite and continue the work thru the foundation you built.I’ve heard stories about Sierra Leone’s period of agony over the years long past and it’s amazing that it’s now making headway for must needed change.Thank you for the follow…So long


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