We help our local Bumpeh Chiefdom partner, the Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation (CCET-SL) achieve goals they set for themselves in education and economic development.


We are proud to keep expanding successful education programs, extending now from primary school to university degrees to teacher certification.

tutorialTutorials keep Jr. and Sr. high students advancing

Our cornerstone program prepares 9th and 12th grade students for admission to senior high and higher education. Over 90% pass national entrance exams with extra classes that ensure they complete the curriculum. Hundreds of students advanced to higher education goals – and dramatically reduced the high rate of school dropout’s, especially among girls.

Local qualified teachers are used to fill in curriculum gaps schools can’t cover.  $60 gives a student 10 months of classes. $6 a month!

IMG-20220119-WA0000 (3)Primary school program starts students on a path to success

Children who do well in primary school are set up for success in secondary school and beyond. Grade 5 and 6 students receive extra classes and teachers improve their teaching skills with one-on-one coaching in the classroom. National exam results jumped from 40% to 95% passing in one year.

400 students served at $25 each.

IMG-20201118-WA0010 (5)Teacher certification improves education

Students do well when their teachers have the training they need. We offer scholarships for teachers to return to school for 3-year certification programs they complete over school breaks.

Six secondary teachers and seven primary school teachers are now on their certification path.  Nine schools will be improved with 13 new certified teachers!

One-year scholarships range from $550 to $750.

Tommy Sankoh - Ag scholarship (4)University scholarships aid chiefdom development

Chiefdom students can now pursue 4-year bachelor’s degrees, an opportunity few can afford. Saa Chakporna Scholarships honoring Linguist Tucker Childs are awarded to deserving students who will return to serve Bumpeh Chiefdom in a development-oriented job one year for every year of scholarship support they receive. Developing senior secondary science and math teachers is the current priority. We’re starting the first medical student, a local young woman.

Any gift toward $2200 scholarships is appreciated!

Economic Empowerment

20220709_161614 (5)Orchards for Education grow education’s future

Sixty acres of orchards will produce fruit income to fund Bumpeh Chiefdom education programs for twenty years and more. One-quarter of project income will fund indigent patient health care at Rotifunk’s mission-run hospital. Trees need 3 to 4 more years until fruiting.

Over 4500 trees were planted, all locally grown from seed. Twenty jobs were created and one hundred part-time and seasonal jobs during the planting phase. The tree nursery now grows tree seedlings for public sale to help fund operations before the trees fruit.

20220702_095102Market women program invests in small business development

Market women are among the most impoverished and vulnerable people. They received $100 grants to invest in developing their small trading businesses. Women save something each week in a group saving program. Their savings are like receiving a second grant.