Interview: The 50/50 Group on Women’s Rights in Sierra Leone

This sounds like a worthwhile effort: women don’t understand their legal rights? Translate them into local languages and present them orally – on the radio, in community listening groups.

Reinventing the Rules

Check out this interesting interview by the World Justice Project with the founder of the 50/50 Group in Sierra Leone on her work helping women learn about their rights.

Can you tell me a little bit about your project in Sierra Leone and what was the rule of law challenge that inspired you to create this project?

Well first of all let me tell you who I am. I am Nemata Majeks-Walker, the founder and first President of the 50/50 Group of Sierra Leone. The 50/50 Group is a group that empowers women to take part in politics and public life through training and we also advocate for the legal empowerment of women. Now what inspired me to carry out the project is the fact that whenever rules are passed, whenever laws are passed, they’re not implemented. The laws don’t reach the people for who they are designed. For example…

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