2021 Results Are In – They’re Good

We report on our Sierra Leone education programs throughout the year and how your gifts are spent to meet objectives. In the end, we should be judged by results and community impact.


Standardized government exams are important objective measures. Most academic year 2020-21 results delayed by Covid school closures are finally in. Results for students in our partner CCET-SL’s programs are good.

We’re so grateful for your support and want to celebrate these results with all of you who helped make them happen.

facebook_1594170883672_6686437314070105164 (2)96% of 9th graders passed

Almost all 9th grade students in our partner CCET’s tutorial program passed the senior high entrance exam and can continue their educations. 

Senior high enrollment keeps increasing with this cornerstone program.


tutorial63% of 12th graders met university entrance requirements

Nearly two-thirds of students in our partner CCET’s 12th grade tutorial met requirements for entry to a 4-year degree program!

An additional 25% qualify for two or three-year certificate programs, including teacher training.


7dd21a9c-c99f-486e-87df-402d97e9e56a-thumbnailOur first university graduate!

We are so proud of our first bachelor’s degree graduate!

Aminata completed high school on Sherbro Foundation scholarships. She’s now finishing a 4-year B.S. degree in Banking & Finance on time in 4 years.

Congratulations, Aminata!


img-20201118-wa0010-4All teachers in-training pass to 2nd

All 6 teachers on Sherbro Foundation scholarships for their Higher Teacher Certificate passed on to the 2nd year of their 3-year course.

Building teacher skills is one of our key strategies to improve education.


1508017_1384195855163467_183244440_n (3) 9 of 10 Vocational students
pass to final year

90% of vocational training students on SF scholarships passed into the final year of their 2-year diploma course.
They’ll graduate with practical skills to get jobs and fill the need for skilled workers in rural areas.

3 completed a nursing courseIMG-20210317-WA0008-2 (2)

Three community health nursing students successfully completed their 3-year course and await their national certification exam results. 

We hope to see all 3 certified soon and moving on to new health care careers.

Our partner CCET-SL continues a 2-prong approach to improving the quality of education in Rotifunk. Few Sierra Leone chiefdoms have this community-based approach to supplement government education programs. It’s working. 

We’re committed to supporting the key long-term solution – getting more trained teachers. 

For students today who’ve come up in current schools without enough trained teachers, CCET-SL offers the tutorial programs. Extra classes, focusing on core subjects, prepare 9th and 12th graders in advance of their national exams.

Sherbro Foundation supports our community partner CCET-SL and local Bumpeh Chiefdom schools in making systemic improvements. We’re working at the grassroots level for root cause solutions. 

It’s not fast, or easy. But your continuing support is paying off. 

Because of you, there’s more kids in secondary school and advancing into higher education than ever. With your support, more of these young people get the opportunity to complete higher education programs.

I think you’ll join me in a big round of applause for our partner CCET-SL and their tireless work in developing and expanding all these programs.

We’re so proud of what they do! They’re the engine driving this train of creative programs that serve their people. They deliver results year after year – and with a tiny staff. Congratulations to CCET-SL on these results!

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