The easiest way to send girls to school

Can you contribute to Sherbro Foundation with automatic monthly recurring payments? Two people recently asked, and the answer is, Absolutely.

Just go to the Donate page and hit the Donate button as you would for any donation. Fill in the amount you wish to donate monthly and tick the “make this recurring monthly” box. That’s it.

WSSS scholarship students Sept 2013 - CopyEnter any monthly amount you choose. $10 a month is a painless way to ensure you’re sending girls to school throughout the year. In twelve months, you’ll have paid for six girls to go to junior high school for a whole year.

At $20 a month, you’ll be helping a girl pay her annual school fees every month. Yep, one month from you could mean 9 months of schooling for her.

Or, you can designate your money to go to any of our projects. Help villages plant community orchards that will produce income for them to dig wells, build a school or improve their road. Help parents start saving for their child’s education from birth with our Newborn Education Savings Program. Pay for our Community Computer Center to receive solar power ensuring computer and Adult Literacy classes go on every day – and at night.

Monthly recurring donations are kind of a no-brainer. You set it up. You send a message when you want it to stop. Consider it. The easy way to make a difference in a girl’s life – every month of the year.

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