Time to Get Girls Back in School

It’s time to send Sierra Leone girls back to school.  The Ebola crisis has kept schools closed for the 2014-15 school year.  Schools finally re-opened April 15 after being closed for nine long months.

Sherbro Foundation sent over 200 girls to school last academic year with our Girls’ Scholarship program. This year we want to send 300 girls back to school.

The longer kids stay out of school, the less likely they will come back.  Teen-aged girls in particular are a real casualty of the Ebola crisis.  Pregnancy rates have soared to over 30% nationwide  with girls being out of school.  Family incomes plummeted when Ebola forced markets to close and put districts under travel bans. Parents who previously found paying $25 annual school fees a hardship will now have more trouble than ever sending their daughters back to school.

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Sherbro Foundation has been affected by the Ebola crisis, too.  Money we were collecting for our girls scholarship fund went to help Bumpeh Chiefdom fight their battle against Ebola.

We’re proud to have played a role in keeping Ebola out of Bumpeh Chiefdom. But now we have to start again raising money for girls’ scholarships. We want to get girls back in school as soon as they reopen.

The Sierra Leone government is paying school fees this year in a bid to return children to school. But that won’t be enough for most girls from poor families living on $1 a day. Sherbro Foundation scholarships will focus on buying $30 school uniforms that girls will wear for more than a year. We’re starting with girls moving from primary to secondary school

You can make a difference in the life of a Sierra Leone girl.  Send a girl back to school with a uniform for $30.

For the price of a Superbowl pizza, you can send a girl to school.   Please Donate Here.

“Investing in girls education may well be the highest-return investment available to the developing world.”  — the World Bank

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