It’s working – No More Ebola Cases in Bumpeh Chiefdom!

December 8th Update:  55 Days & counting  –  No new Ebola Cases!

Chiefdom Ebola Task Force is doing a fantastic job – but they need our continued support.

There are no more Ebola cases in Bumpeh Chiefdom since they embarked on their Breaking-the-Chain-of-Transmission program  October 22nd. Even though they earlier lost 21 people to Ebola and the epidemic rages around them.

Setting up check point.

Setting up check point.

What’s changed? The single biggest intervention is rigorously managed checkpoints at the main roads to stop “strangers” from entering the chiefdom and carrying Ebola with them.  Village chiefs are the next level of defense going door to door daily to verify no one has taken ill and there are no unexpected visitors.  Reporting is real time with cell phones.

Imagine if every chiefdom in Sierra Leone mounted this kind of systematic offensive to identify and isolate Ebola cases for even 21 days.  It would literally break the chain of Ebola transmission and the outbreak would be on its way out.   Read the whole story here.

Sherbro Foundation continues to support Bumpeh Chiefdom in their Breaking-the-Chain-of- Ebola-Transmission program.  Without our donations, they could not have launched this comprehensive effort.

You can make a difference and help eliminate Ebola, too.  Join us and donate at We need your help to keep this effort going for the coming months.

You’ll know exactly where your money goes, and that it’s actually working to stop the spread of Ebola.

Bonus: 100% goes directly to the chiefdom Ebola program. Every penny. We’re an all-volunteer organization and our small administrative costs are paid by a separate donation.

2nd Bonus: It’s tax deductible for US residents. Sherbro Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Help us even more – forward this to a friend.

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