Counting birds, from the Netherlands to South Africa

The above blog post about  bird watching in the coastal areas of West Africa caught my eye. I’d love to see Bumpeh Chiefdom in Sierra Leone develop as a birdwatching destination. It looks very much the same as the attached video of birdwatching in the Gambia.  (Click on “Reblogged” in the first line of the above text for the YouTube video)

I’ve seen a number of the birds shown in the video while traveling on the Bumpeh River and paddling canoes among the mangroves and swamp rice fields. Even in Rotifunk. Lots of beautiful, unspoiled habitat waiting for the discriminating birder.

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This video is called Gambia birding near Kotu Creek.

Last January, there was the first bird count ever all along the eastern Atlantic shores, in thirty countries, from the Netherlands to South Africa.

From the reports by the counters (translated):

Simon Delany counted in Gambia: “Baobolong is a gem of a wetland north of the Gambia River. … We walked huge distances. The counter is at forty species, including black storks, six hundred African spoonbills, pratincoles and ten species of wintering waders.”

From Mauritania:

On 22 January, he counted the birds at a small freshwater pond in Nouakchot. “Immediately, a barn swallow. And black-tailed godwit, spoonbill, ruff and shoveler as well.”

In Sierra Leone, a Dutch black-tailed godwit was seen near Kagboro Creek. Meanwhile, contact has been established between bird counter Papanie Bai Sesay and Dutch researchers. The…

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