The Girl Effect

Walter Schutz Secondary School students

Walter Schutz Secondary School students in Rotifunk

It’s September. School is starting again and I’m thinking of the Girl Effect.  Getting girls into secondary school in rural Sierra Leone, and keeping them there, is at the core of Sherbro Foundation’s work.

If I ever stop to think of why I put my personal effort into working on this, I only have to be reminded of one thing.

The Girl Effect.

The message is simple. “Invest in a girl, and she will do the rest.”

She’ll invest in her family and community.  With millions of girls in the world, that’s millions of chances to make the world a much better place.  I like those odds  – and return on my investment – when compared to most other development programs.

But I don’t need to explain it. This video says it all.   Click here:  The Girl Effect   

“If you change the prospects of an adolescent girl on a big enough scale, you will transform societies.”    

Mark Lowcock, DflD Permanent Secretary
Prosperity Girls High School 7th graders

Prosperity Girls High School 7th graders

You can be part of the Girl Effect transforming Rotifunk and Bumpeh Chiefdom, Sierra Leone.

Please contribute to Sherbro Foundation’s Girls Scholarship Fund.  Your $25 will pay school fees to send a girl to secondary school In Rotifunk for the year.

The school year is starting and she needs your help.

Click to Donate here

Donations from all countries are welcome through this Paypal link.

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