West African Peace Corps?

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, this article caught my eye.  ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States, is sending forty volunteers from their states to serve in education and health care in Sierra Leone.  Twenty have arrived to serve as French and Science teachers in eleven of the country’s upcountry districts, with twenty doctors and intensive care nurses to follow.

I think of ECOWAS as akin to the European Union.  The purpose given for this Volunteer group: “ECOWAS Volunteers are young men and women professionals from the 15 Member States, who contribute to regional development efforts and the consolidation of peace and reconstruction in crisis affected-communities of the region.”

They will work under “at times, difficult conditions” and help “to strengthen the capacities of local organizations, establishing and supporting partnerships between communities.”

Sounds like something a U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer can identify with.

I applaud their effort.  Another sign that peace and stability have taken hold in West Africa with countries sending volunteers to promote peace and development  in their fellow states.

I would say to these volunteers, you’re likely to get more out your experience there than you feel you are able to give.  Experiences that will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Most U. S. Peace Corps Volunteers fondly say this of their Peace Corps service.  Enjoy it!

Read the full article here: http://awoko.org/2013/06/26/sierra-leone-20-ecowas-volunteers-to-serve-in-sierra-leone/

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