What are You Grateful for? #GivingTuesday

“Around the world, #GivingTuesday is a grassroots movement that illustrates the impact we can have when we all pull together.”
President Obama


Through millions of online clicks and offline acts, we expect #GivingTuesday will take many forms, but all will be energized by a common impulse to make life better, especially for those in need.


Primary school in Moyeamoh.  All but one of this sixth grade class are girls.What are you grateful for?  Reflect. 
Then give back.


#GivingTuesday – Dec 2

After All the Eating and Shopping ….It’s Time to Give Back



logo-segoe printGive to help Sierra Leone emerge from the Ebola Crisis and build a brighter future.


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P.C. Caulker interviewed on role of chiefs in Ebola crisis

Paramount Chief Caulker of Bumpeh Chiefdom talks about being a chief and their role during the Ebola crisis. As leader of the National Council of Paramount Chiefs in Sierra Leone, Chief Caulker was interviewed by Radio France Internationale.  Read the transcript here. 

Paramount Chief Charles Caulker

Paramount Chief Charles Caulker

Most Westerners don’t understand paramount chiefs are distinct from the Sierra Leone government.  They’re a separate form of governance that represents every Sierra Leone resident in every part of the country, and pre-dates colonial rule. They deal with local affairs and are the first level of action in addressing resident safety, including in time of disasters.  In a rural country with difficult roads and many remote villages, paramount chiefs are the first and often the only authority figure their residents will encounter.  Their role is critical for something like the current Ebola crisis.

Chiefdoms enact byelaws to document the customs and practices of the area. Two sets of byelaws on the paramount chief’s role in addressing the Ebola crisis were defined in recent months.  President Koroma has been admonishing paramount chiefs of late to fulfill their role in breaking the chain of Ebola transmission, as defined in the byelaws.  Chief Caulker discusses in the interview the need for adequate resources if chiefs are to deliver this role.

Peace Corps Volunteer’s Africa Book Honored at Smithsonian

Fellow former Sierra Leone Peace Corps Volunteer Monica Edinger was honored yesterday at the Smithsonian for her children’s book – Africa is my Home: Child of the Amistad.  It tells the story of a child captured into slavery on the Amistad ship and her eventual return to Sierra Leone.

edinger coverThe Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art (NMAA) held their  22nd annual Children’s Africana Book Awards (CABA) in Washington, DC.  CABA was created by Africa Access and the Outreach Council of the African Studies Association to honor authors and illustrators who have produced exceptional books on Africa for young people.

Four books were honored in this category for young people, including a book authored by Desmond Tutu. Not bad company to keep, Monica.  Congradulations!

I introduced her book on the blog last September. Check it out.  Looking for an Xmas gift for a child in your life?  This would make a great one. Beautifully illustrated to tell a compelling story.

Read her own account of her November 10 trip to Washington, DC to collect the award.